Because of our warm, friendly atmosphere.

We are often likened to the corner grocery store of yesteryear when everyone knew your name and was genuinely happy to see you.

Our customer, may of whom have shopped with us for nearly two decades, are our community ambassadors!  Ask any customer in any aisle. They will passionately testify to their devotion to The Grocery Clearance Center.

We have no sales force and do not advertise.  Our customers alone have, by word-of-mouth, made this company a twenty-year success.


Because they save BIG MONEY shopping here!

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality foods, meats, produce, organic, all-natural and specialty goods and health and beauty aids at a fraction of their original retail price.

Each day, more and more people discover that “shopping salvage” at The Grocery Clearance Center is a valuable aid in stretching their hard-earned grocery dollars.

A single mother reported that since she discovered this store, she has saved enough money to take their first vacation in years.  We hear “thank you for being here” and “we sure eat better since we found you”.  What other retailer has even once heard these heartwarming words?

Because it’s a treasure-hunt everyday!

With new merchandise rolling in everyday, it’s an adventure to explore and to discover what’s new. Many customers wander the aisles several times each week, nearly always uncovering a new “treasure”.