Q. If I do not live nearby, is it worth my while to travel to the store?

Absolutely!  People from Garland, Lewisville, Seagoville and Plano have shopped  with us for many years.  A group of homemakers from Cedar Creek includes us in their monthly outing to the “big city”. A rather skeptical first-time customer from  Denton called the next day to report that –  even with the price of gas – she saved over $80 on her normally $150 grocery bill.  She’s returned every two weeks since.

Q. What is The Grocery Clearance Center?

A.   We are a Surplus and Salvage Grocer licensed by State of Texas. We appear much like a “regular” grocery store and carry many of the national brands to which you are accustomed.

However, much of our merchandise, for a variety of reasons, did not make it into regular retail channels.

They could be excess, discontinued or overstocked products, items with minimal container damage or with shortly-upcoming “best by” dates, or with oddities such as label misprints. Because these nutritionally-perfect items cannot be sold in “regular” stores, The Grocery Clearance Center offers them to you at deeply discounted prices.

Q.Where does the merchandise come from?

A.   Our products come from a variety of sources. We have long-standing contract with several of the largest grocery distribution companies in the nation. We also purchase surplus, overrun or discontinued items from many of the country’s leading food manufacturers.

Q. Are the products first quality?

A.   Absolutely! Everything we sell is backed by a 100 percent guaranteed. Our business would not have enjoyed twenty-six years of success if we sold anything less than first quality merchandise.

Q. What if I do happen to buy something that is not fresh or wholesome?

A.   In the extremely rare event that this occurs, we will gladly exchange the items or give you store credit to be used during a future visit.  Please bring your receipt and the unsatisfactory product if possible.

Q. What type of products can I expect to find at The Grocery Clearance Center?

A.   We stock fresh produce, dry goods, canned goods, frozen foods, refrigerated foods, soft drinks and juices, health and beauty aids and general merchandise.

Additionally, we offer a wide selection of all-natural, organic, salt- wheat- and gluten-free products, as well an array of health and energy bars.  What distinguishes The Grocery Clearance Center from the well-known health stores are     our incredibly low prices on the identical products – purchased from the identical suppliers!

Q. How often does new merchandise arrive?

A.   Daily.  On each visit you will find something new and interesting.  We have often been likened to a “scavenger hunt” or a “gastronomic adventure”!

Q. How long has The Grocery Clearance Center been in business?ore?

A.   Since June 1993.  Enough said?

Q. What forms of payment are accepted?

A.   Everything! Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, debit cards and EBT cards. No checks accepted.

Any Query?