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Imagine. . . a discount grocery store overflowing with name brand groceries, organic, all-natural and salt-, wheat- and gluten-free foods, fresh produce, frozen foods, refrigerated items, general merchandise, health and beauty aids . . .all at an average of fifty percent less than their cost at a conventional store.  This is what The Grocery Clearance Center is all about.

Thinking fondly of his first days at the store’s original location on South Tyler Street, Gary M. Gluckman, the founder and owner, recalls, “I was a young, single, long-haired immigrant from South Africa, eager to live the ‘American Dream’.  I opened the store with nothing but a big idea, a half dozen used shelves, one home-style freezer and maybe $5,000 in inventory.”

“In ’93, most people had never heard of a salvage grocery store.  I literally gave away food to prove its quality to my first skeptical walk-ins.  Steadily word of the food’s wholesomeness and the deep discounts spread, and we developed a large and fiercely-loyal customer base.”

“Over the years, I’ve watched toddlers prepare for their high school graduation, and witnessed many rowdy teenagers mature into responsible citizens and parents.  Many of those first wary customers are now treasured, long-time friends.  We’ve grown older and wiser together.”

In 2007, Gluckman, now a proud American citizen, husband and father, moved The Grocery Clearance Center to KiestHill Plaza at the intersection of South Cockrell Hill Road and Kiest Boulevard in North Oak Cliff.

“With our tripled retail space, we were able to add a wider selection of organic, all-natural, wheat and gluten free products to our line of more conventional groceries, meats, produce and health and beauty aids.”

Each week the Grocery Clearance Center welcomes many new bargain shoppers, while never failing to remember and appreciate our veteran customers.

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Why Sheila, Gary and Denise shop at the Grocery Clearance Center….

3107 Cockrell Hill Rd.
Dallas, Texas 75236
Phone: 214-330-Food (3663)
Fax: 214-330-3653
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